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Silent Students: Happy Homes

As you are aware the University and Union are constantly being consulted by residents about anti social behaviour which is believed to be caused by mainly students. In my opinion this behaviour is carried out by the minority of students and by doing this they are given the general student population of Bucks bad press. If we can work together to improve the reputation of the students in the local area it will be better for everybody. Students will get a fairer deal and there will be a greater respect amongst all parties.

It is important to think about your actions and take responsibility for your own conduct. Some people may find it funny knocking on as many doors as they can on the way home from a night out but I urge you to think about how this makes the local residents feel. I understand it feels like innocent fun at the time but imagine if this was happening to your parents! Or our younger brothers and sisters being woken up, scared in the middle of the night, to crowds of students chanting , or your grandparents looking out of the window to find groups of students urinating on their property. The simple answer is you not want your family to go through this level of harassment and you can play a part by stopping this happening to someone else’s family.

Please look out for the promotional materials in and around our venues, encouraging students to take a more responsible approach to their behaviour – if you’d like to become actively involved please contact me –

The University and the student body are incredibly important to the community economically, socially and culturally, bringing rich diversity to High Wycombe. Our students do a tremendous amount of important work in the community and we are really proud of our volunteers and charity fundraisers – let’s make sure local residents remember you for the good that you do and not for anti-social behaviour.

Night bus

Bucks Students’ Union has expanded our free night bus service on Wednesday and Friday nights. We will now be running all three of our mini-buses from 9.30pm to midnight. They will pick you up from any point along the route and take you to the Students’ Union venue for FREE. Just have your student card ready to show the driver. 
After Midnight, they will start taking students home to anywhere in Wycombe that they need to go. Just jump on the bus and tell the driver where you’re heading to and they will take you for free! 

The scheme started on Wednesday the 11th when the Union VPs, Laz Wood and Amy Gordon, got behind the wheel of two of the mini-buses and spent the night driving students from all over Wycombe down to the Union and taking them home again. Laz Wood said, “I suggested the idea as a way of helping to reduce the impact of the minority of troublesome noisy students on the community, but also to help keep students safe on their nights out. I’m really pleased we are able to continue the service, and doing the driving myself was a fantastic opportunity to get some feedback from students on what they thought of the idea!” Amy Gordon found the experience equally enjoyable. “It was a great chance for me to get out and make students aware of some of our work in the community. I hope everyone enjoyed Gordo driving Gordo the fun bus!” President Ash Coles said, “We are always looking for ways to improve our services for students and hopefully this will benefit the students and local community alike.”


President: Ash Coles 

For more information about the night bus download the Route map | PDF (172 KB) 



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