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Raise and Give (RAG) is how we raise money for charity.

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Elysia Hix

My name is Elysia and I am a third year Music and Live Events Management student. This year I am representing Bucks as your latest RAG Ambassador. From a young age, I have always possessed an empathetic desire to support charities both big and small. I completed my first charity fundraiser of a 'Guess the name of the teddy bear' in primary school and developed onto other bigger ones as I have gotten older. Years on, my passion for events management has proven very idealistic for doing charity work and fundraisers. Over my previous two years at Bucks, I have been involved with many aspects of the Students' Union, and by being the treasurer of the Musical Theatre society, I have realised both the importance of the RAG Charities in university life and how important it is to get involved with the events that are held- not to mention how fun they are! Bucks Students' Union have always provided numerous opportunities for students to get involved and express their ideas in numerous fundraisers, and for that reason I am so proud to be involved in this and to have been elected as this year’s RAG ambassador.

Finally, I cannot wait to get started and get us well on the way to reach our RAG target for the year. I am already starting to come up with some ideas for the upcoming year, so if you are at all interested in becoming involved or have any fundraising ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me on elysiaclairehix@hotmail.com