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Societies offer an opportunity to get together with a group of like-minded individuals who share an interest or hobby.

Joining societies

How do I join a society?

As a Bucks New University student, you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union.  To join a society, you have to join online on the society’s Union page and once you have done this, you are officially a member of that society. Follow this step by step guide: Joining a society is free as it is part of the ‘Big Deal’ and the best part is, you can join as many societies as you would like

Who can join a society?

All years can join societies, no matter whether you are a full-time or part-time student, regardless of your age or if you’ve previously been involved with that society before. All societies, here at Bucks, are non-discriminatory and welcoming of everyone

When can I join a society?

There is never a bad time to join a society! Early October is definitely when most students join and societies are at their busiest, however many students join societies through-out the whole year and this is not unusual. Societies love to get more people involved and always enjoy to chance to meet someone new

I’ve never taken part in the activity before, can I still join?

Of course! University is the time to get involved and try new activities that you’ve never done before. Everyone has to start somewhere and there’s no time better than now

How do I get in contact with a society?

Firstly try their contact email on their society page. If this is not working, try finding their social media pages as this is where many societies share information

What if I can’t find the society I want to join?

Even though we have a huge range of societies here at Bucks, we understand and appreciate that we don’t have every society. If it does not exist, why not start it? All you need to do is find 3 people who are interested (one can be yourself) and contact, however you will only receive funding once you have 8 members


How long does my membership last for?

You have to re-new your society membership each academic year.

What should I expect when I join a society?

All societies are student-led so it’s hard to say how the society will be however you should expect them to be holding events and be non-discriminatory. If they are not doing this then they are not fulfilling their duties as committee and this needs to be reported to us at


What sort of events do they run?

Each society is very different from each other. Some may hold weekly sessions, whilst others have monthly ones which can include funded trips to locations related to the society.

How can I get more involved with societies?

If you want to be more involved, and you are not on committee, why not ask the committee if they would like any help? You don’t have to be on committee to help out.    


How are committees created?

The Students’ Union has a democratic approach with its student groups. All committees must be elected in so that its members are able to have a say in the future of their society. Elections, for the position of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Welfare Liaison begin with nominations in January and a voting period in March. To be on committee, read the committee profiles (to see what you think you’d enjoy) and then nominate yourself once the elections are open.

Societies may have some unfilled committee positions. If you notice this, you may be able to run for this role

How do I stand in an election?

At certain times of the year, you can nominate yourself for committee. Please find the step-by-step guide showing you how to do so.

What is Societies Council?

Societies Council meets once a month to discuss any issues you may face as a society. It also provides an opportunity for societies to advertise any events they have coming up and to discuss collaborations with other societies on various projects

Issues and Improvements

I have some thoughts and suggestions about societies; what do I do?

We are always keen to improve the running of societies at the Students’ Union and sometimes a fresh viewpoint can really help. Feel free to let us know by emailing

What if I have a problem with the society?

Societies are not perfect but sometimes there are problems. If you feel that there is a problem, it is more than fair to let us know and we will try to help you the best we can.

The Students' Union

Who can I contact at the Students’ Union?

For Societies – please email or talk to Daniel at the Students’ Union

For Volunteering – please email or talk to Jade at the Students’ Union

Our student-elected sabbatical officers can also help you;

President - Tao Warburton

VP Student Involvement (VPSI) - Christina Demetriou

How do societies fit in within the Students’ Union?

The Students’ Union is dedicated to “making life better for students at Bucks”. Societies are important in bringing together students, as we recognise it’s important for everyone studying at Bucks to make friends and enjoy their time here.