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Volunteering is not only doing something that benefits others but it is also a great way to get to know people, learn new things, gain experience in what interests you and get involved in something you care about.

Christmas dinner for the elderly 

On Monday 3 December 2018,  we welcomed 15 residents of Rye View Manor and 5 of their carers to have a Christmas lunch with our students. We wanted to give our students a chance to spend time with a different generation and to host an event just for them! We wanted to make the event special for our guests and give them an experience that they wouldn’t get in a pub or restaurant. There was singing, dancing and laughter throughout!

Students Claudia Waghorne and Femke Bekker were in charge of festivities; they found other students to help make decorations, sing, dance and serve our guests. They did a fantastic job and should be extremely proud of themselves. A big thank you to Musical Theatre Society, Cheer and Bethany Bailey for entertaining; you were brilliant!


Brighton Beach Clean

In October 17 Bucks students met with Brighton University students to clean the much loved beach of plastic and other rubbish. The aim was for students to help out in the community, get a better understanding of the plastic problem and meet other students who are engaged with community work. 

We collected 20 bags of rubbish which mainly consisted of plastic and non-recyclables. Since then we have planned a few local street cleans which we will continue to do throughout the year.



Once a year Bucks students take to the streets of Wycombe to give commuters something to smile about! They offer members of the public Fairtrade bananas, flapjacks and smiles!

The campaign has been going on for many years and has become a favourite with our student volunteers. It is a great way to get our students out into the local community and the locals love their energy and positivity on the dreary Monday morning!


Goat Centre Volunteering


Hughenden River Clean Up