What membership means

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Enrolling on to any course at the University automatically makes you a member of Bucks Students' Union

Enrolling on a course at Bucks New University automatically makes you a member of Bucks Students’ Union. You don’t need to join and there are no fees involved, but membership gives you access to the vast range of services that we offer - all for free




Ways to get involved



But most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to stand and vote in our elections, attend Union Council and help influence the way the University is run.

If you think there’s something we should be doing, or would like to suggest ways we could do things differently, please let us know at bucksstudentsunion.org/studentideas.

All of these free services are available to every single member no matter how you study. This includes our international, part time and mature students, as well as students studying at partner colleges.