Bucks Award

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Here at Bucks, we want you to succeed in all aspects of your University experience and beyond. We know how good you are so are giving you the opportunity to receive a record of all of your fantastic Students' Union-related achievements in one place.

Every time you participate in an activity with us, be it volunteering, a skills session or securing a committee role, we have a record of it and are now able to collate these records to really showcase your involvement through the Bucks Award.

The Bucks Award is divided into sections with the idea that by the time you leave university you have something in every section – a completely achievable goal due to all the free opportunities you have access to thanks to the Big Deal. Even if you don't have every element covered, we want you to be able to talk about your experiences in an effective way that can be relatable to the career of your choice.


We will list any role you have had with the SU during your time at Bucks, backing up that you have had the work experience you claim on your CV.


This will detail the number of hours volunteering you have completed (and most importantly logged!) by type of role – club or society committee role, ambassador role, community or external projects and SU or internal projects. Being able to talk about your volunteering experiences and relate them to roles that you apply for will be invaluable.

Leadership roles

Whether you’ve been a School Officer or Course Rep, Ambassador or Chair of a Club or Society or Team Leader in our bars, you have had to use leadership skills to perform your role. As a candidate in our elections you will have planned a campaign and influenced people into voting for you thereby demonstrating signs of your leadership skills. Whatever you want to do as a career, leadership skills will be invaluable.


Maybe you’ve attended our course specific or generic training sessions or achieved accredited qualifications through us. These will all be listed here so you can see exactly how much you’ve developed with your SU.


Here will be a list of any Award you have received at AU Dinner or Union Awards including any awards you have been shortlisted for. These are really great achievements and should be recognised.


If you are a member of a club or society, it will be listed here. Participation in these activities demonstrates commitment to a sport or interest and the ability to build your own networks and team based skills.

Extra-curricular activities

Anything else you’ve done with us, recreational activities or sport for fun, will be detailed in this section and can be used to demonstrate cultural, social or self awareness.

The Bucks Award can be used as an ongoing reflective tool to identify any areas you feel we can help you develop – maybe you have accrued many volunteering hours but would like to secure a leadership role or maybe you’ve attended lots of skills sessions and would like to use those skills working for us. It can also be a way of showing prospective employers the many activities you have been involved in thereby demonstrating the transferable skills and experiences you’ve picked up during your time studying.

To find out more, email sutraining@bucks.ac.uk and we will contact you to arrange a meeting or phone conversation.