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We have created The Leadership Academy to recognise the value of developing future leaders early on.

As one of the leading Students’ Unions in the country, Bucks Students’ Union has employed many Bucks graduates on its management and wider staff team. One of our key strategic priorities for the coming years is ‘Developing Work Ready Graduates’ and to assist us in achieving this we have created The Leadership Academy to recognise the value of developing future leaders early on.

The Leadership Academy is a bespoke development programme for talented students to gain specific skills for routes through the Union into leadership roles. It’s a series of training, courses and opportunities to enhance employability and build leadership traits - all free of charge courtesy of The Big Deal. 

We will be recruiting a cohort of 25 future leaders at the beginning of the first term to start the programme at the end of October. You may be invited to participate by the Students’ Union, nominated by your course staff or volunteer yourself. If you are volunteering yourself, you will need to apply to the email address below before mid-October in order to be considered for a place. 


How can I lead?

There are many routes into leadership roles within the Union and beyond your University life and depending on your interest or ability, your choice of route may be individual to you. Each route will have tailored development sessions to help you reach your goal. Development activities will be sympathetic to studies, manageable for students at all levels and a typical programme will include:

One to one sessions to agree your leadership development route and monitor progress - We will discuss your career aspirations with you, propose and agree a personal development plan with clear objectives and deadlines and review your progress throughout the academic year. We will encourage use of the My Bucks Career platform and monitor achievement of the Bucks Graduate Attributes. Regular contact through email, face to face meetings and telephone calls will enable us to support you in achieving your goals.

Workshops focusing on leadership styles and self-awareness - Through an external agency, we would fund and deliver formal leadership training which would provide you with workplace critical skills on how to demonstrate values, manage conflict, manage change, understand the difference between management and leadership, identify and encourage high performance and adopt a coaching style.

Accredited training courses specific to your chosen route - We can provide licensing qualifications and legislation compliant certificates for those in the hospitality industry; safeguarding or coaching qualifications for those in the sports industry; your development programme will be specific to your route and we will source the experience that you need, all of which will appear on your Bucks Award.

Employability sessions focussing on CV’s, interviews, applications and assessment centres - Group sessions in all of the above will be scheduled regularly alongside the University’s Careers and Employability Service. One to one sessions are also available with both the Students’ Union and the University.

Access to networking opportunities through conferences, staff days and external events - There may be a national or industry specific conference that we agree will benefit your leadership journey or an employer that you would like us to set up a connection with; You will be invited to be involved with Students’ Union meetings and development days and consulted with when we have new initiatives or policy to implement.

Mentors – we will discuss in the initial meeting whether you could benefit from a mentor either in or related to your chosen industry who can give you real-life tips and advice on how to get your foot in the door and progress in your career.

Plus full support of the Students’ Union Development Team through one to one meetings, reflective developmental sessions and assistance with finding your ideal leadership role.


Where can I lead?

You may have a clear career path in mind and we want to help you achieve it either within the Union or with the employer of your choice when you have graduated. Our programmes can be adapted for any leadership role. Leadership opportunties within the Union include:

  • Fresher’s Helper or Head Freshers’ Helper
  • Course Rep or Senior Course Rep
  • School Officer
  • Executive Officer
  • Sabbatical Officer
  • Sport For Fun Ambassador
  • RAG Ambassador
  • AU Council Chair
  • Union Council Chair
  • Societies Council Chair
  • Senior Committee Member
  • Bar and Events Team Leader roles
  • Bucks Student Editor
  • Rusty’s Radio Manager
  • Career staff management roles


Examples of possible leadership routes within the Union are:

Course Rep » School Officer »
Executive Officer »
Student Engagement Coordinator

Sport Ambassador »
Senior Committee Member » AU Chair » Vice President Student Involvement 

Bar staff » Bar Team Leader »
Trainee Manager » Duty Manager 

You don’t have to have participated in The Leadership Academy to secure a leadership role with the Union – we always welcome applications from any of our members.


To apply:

We are now accepting applications for the Leadership Academy 21/22. If you think you have the committment to self development that is required, we want to hear from you!

Please complete this application form and equal opportunities monitoring form and send them to sutraining@bucks.ac.uk.


In November, we will then be in touch with full details of the scheme. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please get in touch at sutraining@bucks..ac.uk