Alcohol Awareness

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Making life better for students at Bucks

Alcohol Awareness Week ran from 19-23 of November. This year was about making positive changes. We weren’t asking you to quit drinking as everyone knows what socialising at university is perceived as; Lots of drinking, saying you’re not going out but then being too hungover to make your 9am. This could damage your health, bank account and final grade, immediately and long term! A series of posters were released showing how your night could differ by having a heavy night compared to just having a few and still having a good time. It compared money, units and calories. Even I was quite shocked by this!

People are still going to drink, however not everyone knows when to stop. This campaign will carry on in January for ‘Just Enough January’. I tried to do Dry January in my third year and it was impossible. You haven’t seen your friends in weeks, New Year’s Eve Again is a banging night out and you’re not going to be a new year, new you. So instead of giving it up, just reduce! Know when to call it a night, or have a water instead of another snakebite. Watch out for this campaign after the Christmas break.

Georgia Nosal, Vice President Education and Welfare.