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Making life better for students at Bucks

Bucks Student Wins celebrates the achievements of the Students' Union that actively benefit our students. No matter the size of the win, we feel it should be comminicated to the student body and celebrated! Bucks Student Wins allows us to shout about our successes, no matter how big or small and inform the student body of what we’re up to behind the scenes. We’ve numbered the wins and want to see how many we can rack up throughout the year!

Win 1) Secured a BME student representative place on Education Committee

The University has agreed that the elected BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) Executive Officer will sit on the University’s Education Committee. We want to ensure that BME students have formal representation within relevant University committees!

Win 2) Campaigned to the University for more microwaves on campus

Last year we ran a representation campaign called It Starts With You to try and encourage more people to offer feedback about their experience. The feedback showed that students REALLY wanted more microwaves and after speaking to the University we returned after Christmas to find fancy new microwaves on campus!

Win 3) Financially supported Irish students travelling home to vote in the referendum

With support from NUS we were able to help pay towards travel costs for 10 Irish students travelling home to vote in the 8th amendment (abortion law) referendum.

Win 4) Students successfully elected a diverse trustee board

Our successful student trustees are made up of students who define as women, mature, international and LGBTQ+ all of which can be seen as under-represented areas so we’re thrilled to have such a diverse group!

Win 5) Urged the University to compensate Erasmus students for an error in communication

Unfortunately Erasmus students (studying here for a term from overseas) paid hundreds to travel back to complete an assessment, which it turns out they didn’t need to do. The students were understandably frustrated and came to the Students' Union for support. We worked with the University and the misunderstanding was dealt with quickly and the students were compensated!

Win 6) Set up a trial for free evening and weekend parking permits for all students

For the first term in 2018/19 the University allowed us to trial free parking permits for all students to prevent any barriers to accessing education in the evenings and at the weekend. We are awaiting a final decision from the University calling the trial a success and rolling it out permanently.

Win 7) Co-opted the first student member onto University Council

University Governance agreed to the co-option of a student onto University Council. We worked tenaciously to draw up an application pack, shortlist and interview candidates, then co-opting the successful candidate within two weeks!

Win 8) Secured BNU Dance Club a space to display trophies outside the dance studios

Win 9) Trained 29 Mental Health Advocates to support members of clubs and societies

Win 10) Secured a RAG donation incentive from the University to fill in the NSS survey

Win 11) Purchased a pride flag which the University agreed to display for LGBT History Month

Win 12) Provided 250 students & staff with mental health packs & delivered packages to 90 kitchens across halls on Time To Talk Day!

Win 13) Secured £5000 of funding from the University to spend on Hate Crime Awareness campaigns and events

Win 14) Ensured graduate who worked part-time for the University received pay for correct amount of hours after being underpaid

Win 15) Successfully restarted Union Council in Uxbridge with high attendance

Win 16) Had student representation in the stakeholder sessions for the Vice Chancellor’s recruitment

Win 17) Worked with the University to ensure Wednesday afternoons are kept free for Union activities

Win 18) Successfully fought for the petrol reimbursement rate to rise from 20p to 30p a mile

Win 19) Engaged with over 150 students through our monthly Sabb Tea Party

Win 20) Worked with the Pro Vice Chancellor to have a student co-chair on Education Committee