#IAmEnough was a student-led self-love campaign run by the 2019/20 Women's Officer Kia Wing over Valentine's Day 2020. 

"I do a lot of online activism and advocacy which meant that recently I had seen a lot of people tearing themselves down on the internet. After all, British humour is self-deprecating. But our culture these days is so focused on comparisons that we spend more time wishing we were someone else than appreciating the person that we actually are."

Kia decided that a campaign that turns Valentine's Day, a day to love others, into a day to love yourself was the perfect way to encourage students to take a look in the mirror, and pick something out they loved about themselves. It's so easy to point out all of the things that you don't like, but when you're asked the opposite it can come as a shock to the system.

A video was released featuring all three of the sabbatical officers - Christina, Brooke, and Tao - alongside other students complimenting each other but struggling to compliment themselves.

We then set up a stall in the foyer on Valentine's Day where we caught passers-by and asked them to write themselves a compliment on a post-it note, and pin it up for the world to see on our self-love board.

After some initial hesitance we finally got people pinning them up, and the results were amazing! Bucks is full of really great people, students and staff, and we just wanted to make sure that they knew that.

Love isn’t just about appreciating others. The most important person to love is yourself and this Valentine’s Day we filled the SU Foyer with it!

But it shouldn’t stop there! Every day is a chance to appreciate yourself, you deserve it!! #IAmEnough