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Making life better for students at Bucks

It Starts With You is a campaign ran by the Representation Team.

To take part, please scroll to the bottom of this page and click the "start" button.

The premise of the campaign is to engage students University-wide to offer feedback on how their course is going. Student Reps at Bucks go through thorough training in order to be successful in their role representing their peers. Representation, however, starts with YOU! A Rep is unable to make the changes you want without first-hand feedback to present to the course team.

There is a £50 Amazon voucher up for grabs for the Student Rep who gets the most cards filled in!

There are also a number of additional Amazon Vouchers that will be given out at random to any students who participate in this campaign (you do not have to be a Student Rep). There is a button at the end asking you if you want to be entered into the prize draw.

The campaign is split into two sections; ‘How are things working well?’ and ‘How could things be improved?’ we want to know about your favourite module and your inspiring lecturer. We also wanted to know about your cancelled class and lack of communication with a tutor. We can celebrate our successes whilst making amendments that can wholly impact your student experience!

If you have any questions about the campaign, please feel free to email


Acapella Society getting involved with It Starts With You!


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