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Making life better for students at Bucks

Over summer we visited a few other Student Unions and Associations where we picked up the idea of having a student skills swap. I have worked on the idea since summer; originally it was going to be a physical board where people put up help they needed and then people would contact them from that. However, we thought a stationary board may not have as much impact after a while, so we decided to be with the times and move to social media.

I always see people posting on Facebook into the abyss asking for help on various things, whether it is course related or not. It is never guaranteed that it is going to target the right people. Having a set platform/group where all students can share ideas and swap skills makes it easier to find the right skills needed!

One student could post: I am part of the Dance Club and need a costume designed for a competition.

So someone who is either on the Fashion and Textiles course could volunteer to help to then use it in portfolios OR it could be someone on a completely different course but has the skills set and help anyway!

I know everyone has their own fabulous skills set, however sometimes you need a little help. This is what this platform is for! AND you can log all work done from this as volunteering hours!

To get involved, drop me an email: We are going to be launching this in the new year so watch this space!


Georgia Nosal, Vice President Education and Welfare.