The University and Bucks Students’ Union believe that everyone has the right to work, live and study in a safe and supportive environment that is free from harassment and fosters inclusivity and respect. We are working to empower students to prevent, respond, support and speak up in cases of hate crime, prejudice incidents and online harassment. 

Growing out of our well known ‘Sexual Harassment is #NeverOk’ campaign, #standtogether encompasses hate crime along with harassment. The message in the campaign is for our community to be active bystanders, essentially meaning if they were to witness an uncomfortable or upsetting situation that they would step in if it’s safe to do so, if not, report the incident. If we all assume someone else will help, the result is that no one will.


If you witness hate crime or harassment, be an active bystander and follow the three D’s:

Distract: Diffuse the situation by distracting the victim and move them away from the situation at hand.

Direct: Be bold and address the perpetrator and ask the victim if they are alright.

Delegate: Contact a friend, staff member or police officer to help you out of the situation and stand together!



The physical aspect of the campaign are our mighty Bucks Stands Together walls! We have walls both in High Wycombe and Uxbridge, which attracted students and staff to the campaign! We explained the meaning behind the wall and asked if they would like to pledge to look after others in their community and be an active bystander. We are still taking pledges so please head to your campus Bucks Students’ Union office, grab a face and attached your pledge to the wall!


We will #standtogether against bullying, sexual violence, racism, transphobia, sexual harassment, transphobia…



For more information and support follow this link to the University Hate Crime and Hate Incidents page

You could also speak to one of our advisors by emailing

For more information about the #standtogether campaign, email or speak to any of the Sabbs.


Lauren O'Shea, President.