Wear It Pink

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Making life better for students at Bucks

A campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer and the Breast Cancer Now charity. Students and staff were encouraged to come into work/University wearing pink clothing and donate money to the charity. We also held bake sales at both High Wycombe and Uxbridge campuses, whilst also seeing great involvement from our sport clubs and societies.

We learned the alarming statistic that 5,600 people under the age of 45 are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. For this reason we asked all of our students and staff to get pedalling on our spin bikes, while wearing pink clothing or our pink feather boas, in an attempt reach the target of 560km (to put that in context, that is the distance from High Wycombe to Cologne) to raise awareness for breast cancer and also raise money for the charity, Breast Cancer Now. 

The event took place over the course of a week, which saw the bikes also travel to our Uxbridge campus to allow our student nurses to get involved. Both students and staff took part in the event, with a special mention to BNU Dance club who encouraged many members on a regular basis to get on a bike and pedal for breast cancer. The week was very busy and filled full of staff and students that were eager to get involved and raise awareness for breast cancer. Overall, the event saw 46 students and 13 members of staff get involved in our ‘Wear It Pink’ event, which helped us to surpass our target and reach a total of 567.1km, raisining £266

As a sabbatical team we would personally like to thank all the students and staff that got involved in the event this year and we hope that the fundraiser helped to both raise awareness and educate both students and staff about breast cancer. 

Charlie Cotton, Vice President Student Involvement 2018-19