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Representation takes many forms including student reps, senior reps, faculty officers, part-time officers and sabbatical officers. Each has their part to play in making sure that our members voices are heard.

Representation at Bucks ensures that you are getting the most out of your academic experience and provides the opportunity to initiate change.

At the forefront of this are student reps. The Students’ Union has a network of 150 student reps, providing a credible student voice to feedback to the University. Student reps have the ability to instigate change, minimise communication between staff and students and improve their course for future years.

A step up from student rep we have senior reps. Senior Reps oversee the student reps across several courses in a department and look for common themes across the years and courses. They are required to attend Education Forum to deliver this feedback.

Working closely with the Representation Team we have faculty officers. These students represent one of the four faculties at Bucks: Management & Professional Studies, Arts & Creative Industries, Society & Heath, and Pre-Qualified Nursing & Vocational Healthcare.


In addition, the union has created a network of part-time officers, who work to ensure underrepresented groups at Bucks still have the opportunity to express views and concerns. This is operated by volunteer part-time officer roles: Women, LGBT+, BME, Part-Time, Mature, Postgraduate, Disabled and International.

Finally, leading the Union is our sabbatical officers. Elected by you, they are dedicated to improving your student experience at Bucks. They are passionate, hardworking, and ready to get involved in making life better for students at Bucks.


If you have any questions that are not answered by the opportunity profiles then please contact or come into our offices and have a chat. We can be found on the Ground floor of North Wing in High Wycombe or in UX1.03 in Uxbridge.