Student reps

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Representation takes many forms including student reps, school officers, executive officers and sabbatical officers. Each has their part to play in making sure that our members voices are heard

Student reps are the leading voice for their class and peers within the university. They have the ability to initiate change, minimise miscommunication between staff and students, and improve their course for future years.

Student reps are vital in collecting essential feedback that can then be utilised by the Students’ Union as well as the university. Student reps are a central aspect of student representation and as part of their role, work closely with the Students’ Union team to create a worthwhile educational experience for all.

Student reps collate feedback from their course peers and take this information to a Programme Committee Meeting twice a year with the staff members of their department. The points are raised, discussed, and action points taken forward if change needs to be implemented. Student reps then distribute this information back to their peers and complete an online feedback form to update the Students’ Union on how the meeting went and whether further action needs to be taken or if any extra support is needed.

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