Part Time Officers

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Representation takes many forms including student reps, senior reps, faculty officers, part-time officers and sabbatical officers. Each has their part to play in making sure that our members voices are heard.

Part-Time Officers

The Bucks Students’ Union Sabbatical team decided they wanted to find out more from some of our underrepresented groups. Hearing directly from these students is important to make sure that we are not making assumptions about their student experience. One initiative we are taking forward is the part-time officer roles; eight part-time volunteer officers who will represent the voice of their group.

Each of these groups are students that have their own unique challenges alongside those that are common across student groups. In order for us to better deal with these issues we need to know them in detail, which involves seeing it from the students' perspective.

Four of the roles are self-defining: BME (Black Minority and Ethnic), Disabled, LGBT+ and Women Students Officer. The other four roles are based on your entry data when you start university. Any students from outside of the UK are represented by the International Students Officer. Any students who are over 21 when they started university are represented by the Mature Students Officer.

If you are interested in representing the views of a larger group of students or wish to get involved with the work your part-time officer is doing, then please contact the representation team at


Your 2017/18 Part-Time Officers:


These roles will open again in March 2018, if you wish to get involved with the work your part-time officer is doing, then please contact them at their email address above or the representation team at