Bucks Internship programme

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We want to make the most of your talents and keep them within our community, which is why this year we are launching a series of fully-paid internships with great training and development opportunities to give select graduates the chance to build experience while contributing to our mission. 

As part of our dynamic and passionate team, you will have the opportunity to work with people across ourt diverse organisation, enabling you to gain extensive work experience in a variety of specialisms.

Our Training and Development team will work with you to agree a personalised development plan ensuring you have the right foundation to pursue the career of your choice. The additional skills qualifications you will gain from one of our internships will form a solid start to the work experience you detail on your CV.

Our internships are fully paid opportunities and also come with the total benefits package offered to all of our staff. All of our internships will be advertised on our Union jobs page.