Charlie Cotton

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Each year, elections are held for our three sabbatical officer positions. The three sabbatical positions are full-time and form our sabbatical team and help deliver the student experience that we are so passionate about.

Vice President Student Involvement

My name is Charlie Cotton and I am your Vice President Student Involvement 2018-19.

I chose to run to be a Sabbatical Officer so I could help to represent students’ needs and wants and allow them to get involved with all the activities that go on within the Students’ Union. During my time at Bucks I have thrown myself into the University experience, most of which involves the Students’ Union. Bucks Students’ Union has the motto ‘more than just a bar’ which couldn’t be truer. The Big Deal allows any student at Bucks to become part of a club, society, volunteering project or to take part in any recreational activities, or skills workshops for free. This has allowed me to get involved within the Union holding various roles on both club and society committees, gaining volunteering awards, and allowing me to be trained in sports first aid. The Big Deal offers these activities for free, which allows students to gain vital life skills and qualifications, literally saving them hundreds of pounds. This is an offer that I would like all students to experience during their time at Bucks in order to make life better for students at Bucks.

During my time in office I hope to be able to help represent a wide range of students in order to allow them to enjoy and make the most of their University lives. In order to do this, interaction with students, on a regular basis, at both the High Wycombe and Uxbridge Campuses, is paramount. Standing up for students and giving them a voice is what the Sabbatical team is here to do, so please don’t hesitate to drop in with a query or contact us via social media or email.


Priorities this year


  1. To be more active on the Union's YouTube channel @BucksstudentTV (make sure you subscribe!).
  2. Run mental health campaigns to raise awareness on campus. 
  3. Visit the Uxbridge Campus once a week. 
  4. To win Varsity and bring home The Roebuck Trophy.