Christina Demetriou

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Each year, elections are held for our three sabbatical officer positions. The three sabbatical positions are full-time and form our sabbatical team and help deliver the student experience that we are so passionate about.

Vice President Student Involvement


Hey everyone, my name is Christina Demetriou and I am your Vice President Student Involvement!

Since my first year at Bucks I knew that I would run to be a Sabbatical Officer after completing my studies, as I wanted to offer back to students the same amazing support and opportunities which I had received from our Students’ Union since my arrival. Thanks to The Big Deal, I was amongst the many students that were able to make the most of what our award winning Students’ Union has to offer and get involved through various committee roles. All of our students are members of the Students’ Union and have the opportunity to enrich their University experience through societies, sports clubs, volunteering, recreational activities and even skills workshops – all for FREE!

My goal this year is to support every single one of you in feeling welcome and finding your place and voice here at Bucks. I truly believe in helping our members reach their highest potential by stepping out of their comfort zone and taking up on the numerous opportunities that we have to offer. I am confident that every single one of you has the unlimited potential to stand out and I aim to support you in reaching your goals.

Alongside my sabbatical team, Tao and Brooke, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions, so please do not hesitate to get in touch or come by our office – our door is always open!


Priorities this year


  1. Implementing a ‘Street Safety’ initiative across High Wycombe, alongside local companies.
  2. Hosting an employability festival called ‘Strive’ which will include workshops, panel talks and competitions.
  3. Winning Varsity for the second time in a row and keep the Roebuck trophy at home.
  4. To increase the activities, opportunities and events at Uxbridge and Aylesbury campuses.