Joe Collins

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Each year, elections are held for our three sabbatical officer positions. The three sabbatical positions are full-time and form our sabbatical team and help deliver the student experience that we are so passionate about.


Hello everyone, my name is Joe Collins and I have recently graduated with a degree in Sports Science & Coaching Studies. Originally I am from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland; you might find it a bit difficult to understand my accent.

Throughout my three years at Bucks I made the conscious decision to get the most out of my student experience and ensure value for my money. I started climbing the ladder in my first year, playing for both Bucks FC and Bucks Men’s Futsal team. Moving through the years I grasped many opportunities that would develop my skills, look good on my CV, but also help meet new people and build long lasting friendships. I can honestly say it was a great decision on my part. Roles obtained include; Activities Week Helper, Fresher’s Helper, Student Rep, Football Captain, University Football Activator, Elected Student Trustee and Venue Supervisor. A few of these roles also helped me through University life financially.  

Whilst getting as much out of the student experience as possible, it is nice to sometimes give back. I set myself the target of within my three years to obtain the Gold Certificate in Volunteering (100+ hours), I'm happy to say that target was met. With the amount of opportunities available it was easier than expected, anything from attending Union Council meetings, helping clean up the community or even hitchhiking to Croatia.

I decided to run for President as I am proud of Bucks and wish to keep giving back to help improve it in any way for students.



Priorities this year


  • Reduce/remove unneeded stressors wherever possible to help make your student experience as enjoyable as possible
  • Lobby for a social learning space, somewhere for you, classmates and friends to study in a relaxed environment, separate from the library.
  • Improve communication from the University and Students’ Union to all students, ensuring you are aware of all the opportunities available.
  • Help create more opportunities for students to gain essential life skills to take out into the big world after graduating.   
  • Encourage more & more students to speak up, you as students have the power to change.
  •  We sabbs are here to be your voice.