Lauren O'Shea

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Each year, elections are held for our three sabbatical officer positions. The three sabbatical positions are full-time and form our sabbatical team and help deliver the student experience that we are so passionate about.


I’m Lauren, your President!

This is my second year as part of the Bucks Students’ Union Sabbatical team - hopefully you may recognise me as last year’s Vice President Education and Welfare. The Sabbatical team (President, Vice President Education and Welfare, Vice President Student Involvement) is elected to represent you within the University!

Here’s a list of some of my achievements from last year:

  • helped lead on the It Starts With You (feedback) campaign that received almost 500 responses
  • helped form a meeting alongside University staff, addressing the group work aspect of courses
  • created a new page on our website called the Jobshop, which is updated regularly with student friendly jobs in the local community
  • encouraged the University to open up a spot on Education Committee to a BME student representative
  • ran Love Lock Bucks campaign on the importance of being aware of your self-care
  • worked with our Women’s Officer to put on a successful International Women’s Day event
  • invited NUS' Vice President, Ali Milani, to a panel at RepCon about the Future of Higher Education and hosted my on session Campaigning Made Easy
  • increased Sabbatical presence in Uxbridge and built strong relationships with many of our Nurses ensuring they know they’re able to approach me with feedback
  • ran the Home To V8te campaign that funded ten Irish students to fly back to Ireland to vote in the referendum
  • ensured one of our RAG charities represents Uxbridge. 

It is important for you to understand what my job entails so you can approach me with new and exciting ideas that you think will benefit students at Bucks. Although I am proud of what I managed to achieve last year I did face many challenges. As your President I intend to lead the Sabbatical team by working cohesively to create new wins for our students.


Priorities this year


  1. Working with student leaders to engage more of our members in Union activity. 
  2. Work to get a student representative on University Governance. 
  3. Improve the quality of Union Council by inviting exciting guest speakers and theming the sessions with interesting topics, giving the floor to the student voice.