Honor Fletcher

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Each year, elections are held for our three sabbatical officer positions. The three sabbatical positions are full-time and form our sabbatical team and help deliver the student experience that we are so passionate about.



Describe your role  

As your President, I am the principle officer of the Students’ Union and a member of Buckinghamshire New University's Council. I am a representative of students in numerous meetings, overlooking the direction of the union with students' needs at the forefront. I engage with national student movements and successfully push the future of higher education for students here at Bucks. 


Why did you run for the role?  

I ran for this role as I absolutely love our Students’ Union and the student body here at Bucks. Throughout my time at university, I got involved in every leadership opportunity possible and being a part of the Sabbatical team was just the icing on the cake! The opportunities Bucks Students’ Union has given have shaped me as a person and I want to strive to ensure every student can have the same, if not better, university experience.



What are your priorities for the year? 

My main priorities are:

  • Ensuring all students can come back on campus in a safe manner and really get that Bucks buzz that we have been lacking over the last year.
  • Recreating the student community and introducing our new students whilst welcoming back our returning students.
  • Making Bucks the most inclusive we have ever been, allowing all students access to everything they may desire during their time with us at Bucks.


What about when you’re off duty? 

Outside of work I love performing and take any performance opportunity I can take. From local gigs to a full-blown musical. Give me a beat and a mic and you won’t get me off the stage!


What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Mint choc-chip!