Tom Featherstone

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Each year, elections are held for our three sabbatical officer positions. The three sabbatical positions are full-time and form our sabbatical team and help deliver the student experience that we are so passionate about.

Vice President Student Involvement



Describe your role

My role focuses on the involvement side of the Union, from sports clubs to societies as well as the extra skills sessions and volunteering. Working closely with the student activities team to provide you with the opportunity for taking part in activities you may previously never done before. As well as this my role as a sabbatical officer, I also sit on the union's trustee board to ensure that are sticking to our principles and making life better for students at Bucks. 


Why did you run for the role?  

I re-ran for Vice President Student Involvement for the 2021-2022 year because I felt that the opportunity to be a Sabbatical officer in a non- Covid affected year is an opportunity not to be missed. Having the chance to fulfil the role I first ran for back in 2020 and giving back to an organisation that gave so much to me as a student


What are your priorities for the year? 

With this up and coming year being completely different from the past one, my main priorities are to get as many people as possible taking part in clubs, societies, and extra skills sessions, making sure that people are making the most of their student experience and taking advantage of the Big Deal! 


What about when you’re off duty? 

In my spare time, I play Rugby for the University and Marlow which takes up a few evenings a week. Outside of that I watch as much sport that's on, be that F1, Football, Rugby. I'm also a season Ticket holder at Fulham FC, so spend my Saturdays or Sundays following them around the country.


What is your favourite ice cream flavour?  

My favourite flavour of ice cream has to be salted caramel, but at home, there's an ice cream shop called 'Doms Ice Cream' that does the world's best Green Apple sorbet, so if I could get that then 100%