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Student Ideas FAQ
How does it work?

Have an idea that you think would improve the University or Students' Union? You can submit this idea with the support of a proposer and seconder to be voted on at Union Council, and potentially become a Students' Union policy or part of the work of our Sabbatical Officers.

What kind of ideas can I submit?

Anything you like! Ideas can range from small, everyday improvements to university life to wider Students' Union policy that influences important decisions for years to come.

Don't use formal, policy-making language when writing your idea. Just keep it clear, straightforward and simple.

Here's some examples of how to phrase Ideas in a positive way:

  • There should be more water fountains in the Library
  • We should introduce a new cafe
  • The Students' Union should only support paid internships

Think about the outcome you want, not the steps required to get there - phrase your Idea to the outcome.

How much effort do I need to put in after I have submitted my idea?

You can be as involved as much - or as little - as you like once your idea has been submitted. Bare in mind that the more you do to promote your idea before it's discussed at Union Council - through social media and on campus - the more of a chance your idea has of being passed.

I've submitted an idea but it's not on the website?

In order to make the system as simple as possible to use, we've used submission through a form which means ideas are emailed to a member of staff to upload.

  • Most Ideas should appear online within 5 working days of being submitted.
  • If there's a problem with your idea, a member of Students' Union staff will be in contact to resolve the issues.
My idea didn't pass - what can I do now?

There are still plenty of ways you can create change at Bucks - you might want to run a campaign or start a petition on your idea. Think about why it didn't pass and build on this for the future.