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Apply for weekend parking at Bucks New University

Please fill out this form and either return it to the Students' Union reception, or email to


Terms and conditions for car park use – Student Permits

From August 2019 until further notice

1. Student Permits must be clearly displayed on vehicle windscreens when parked.

2. Failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions or to verbal requests from University or Union staff, including security, regarding parking will result in the permit being revoked in addition to possibly receiving a penalty charge.

3. Student Permit holders are permitted to register up to two vehicles, but will be issued with only one permit. This permit should be displayed in the car being used at all times; failure to do so could result in a penalty charge.

4. The cost of replacement for a new Student Permit is £5 which can be paid at Students’ Union Reception on collection of a new permit.

5. If a Student Permit holder uses another vehicle which is not registered, you must park off the premises – parking on University premises could result in a parking penalty.

6. Student Permit holders are fully responsible for notifying the University if your vehicle changes or if you no longer qualify for a Student permit.

7. Vehicles and their contents are left on University property at the owner’s risk. The University and Students’ Union takes no responsibility for the vehicle or its contents.

8. Terms & conditions and charges will be reviewed periodically and Bucks New University and Bucks Students’ Union reserves the right to amend these and use of the car parks and to revoke parking at any time.

9. The University contracts an external agency to manage the University car parks including deterrents and penalties issued to those vehicles parked in contravention of the rules and regulations set out below:

• Parked without clearly displaying a valid permit

• Parked outside of a designated parking bay

• Parked in an accessible bay without displaying a valid EU blue badge and corresponding Bucks permit

10. A permit holder may park in Car Park A only, between the hours of 17:00 – 08:00 Monday to Friday and anytime at the weekend.

11. On occasions when Car Park A is closed you must park off the premises. It is not possible to park in one of the other car parks.

12. If the vehicle is parked outside of the stated day or time on the permit, a parking penalty will be issued.

13. A Student permit does not guarantee that a parking space will be available. The permit merely confirms the permit holders ‘right to roam’ and park if a valid parking space is available in Car Park A.

14. Student Permits are not transferable and must not be used by anyone other than the holder named on the application form or by any other vehicle other than that named on the Permit.

15. Old permits should be handed in at Reception.

16. If for any reason the Permit Holder’s study ends before the expiry date on the permit, the permit will no longer be valid and if the person continues to use the parking facilities they could be issued with a parking penalty.

17. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to renew their parking permit as and when it expires. Failure to show a valid, correctly dated permit on a registered car could result in a parking penalty.

18. Permits can take up to two weeks from submission to produce. DO NOT park on site until you have received your validated permit or you could receive a parking penalty.

19. Permits that are deliberately tampered with breach the terms and conditions of use of the parking permit and are invalid. The holder or user of such defaced permits or scratch cards may be subject to University disciplinary procedures and the cessation of any parking privileges.


Accessible parking

1. Accessible parking bays designated by a wheelchair symbol are for the use of blue badge holders only. The blue badge holder must either be a passenger or driver of the vehicle at the time of use and must display their blue badge as well as their parking permit.