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How many hours am I allowed to do per week?

You are allowed to do a maximum of 48 hours in any one week, and this includes any part-time work as well.


What do I do if I’m ill and I’m rostered to be on placement that day?

You must notify the ward, the placements team at the University and your personal tutor when you are ill and have to take time off placement.


What happens if I’m down on hours but my placement is finished?

These are called deficit hours. If possible, you can make up these deficit hours on your next placement if they can accommodate this. If you cannot make these hours up in other placements, then you must follow the deficit hours process on document submission and the placement team will give you a new submission date for the deficit hours.


Who can I contact if I have a problem in my placement?

There are a lot of individuals who can help you deal with the problem and support you if you need it. Within the practice setting, you can speak to your mentor or ward sister, your link lecturer, the trust practitioner or the Placements Office. Within University you can speak to any member of the Practice Learning Unit. You have also got your personal tutor, and your year leader who you can contact.


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