RAG (Raise and Give)

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Raise and Give (RAG) is how we raise money for charity.


The aim for RAG is for Bucks Students to raise as much money as possible whilst having fun! We support our members who wish to participate and lead on a variety of activities throughout the year giving help to the charities they chose.

Each year our students and staff have voted to support two local non-government funded charities to be our RAG charities. This year Medical Detection Dogs and the Pepper Hospice were chosen (2016-2017).

We support our two RAG charities with the help of our societies, sports clubs and student union members through events such as Volley4RAG, Dodge4RAG, Easter Raffle, Bucks Dance competition, Library fines and many more.

We also support our students who want to fundraise for charities closer to home. If you have a cause that you wish to support or a fundraising idea you want to put forward, we would love to hear from you and help you get involved. You can call into the Students’ Union offices and have a chat with the Volunteering and RAG team or email surag@bucks.ac.uk

If you wish to nominate a charity to be one of next year’s RAG charities please fill out the short survey on ‘RAG charity nominations’.



Medical Detection Dogs

Medical Detection Dogs


Medical Detection Dogs uses the amazing power of the dogs’ nose to detect human diseases. Our research is based on the dogs’ ability to detect minute odour traces created by diseases. Because dogs are able to detect tiny odour concentrations, we are potentially able to detect diseases much earlier than is currently possible.

Pepper Foundation

Pepper Foundation


The Pepper Foundation is a registered charity which funds the hospice at home children's nursing team managed by Rennie Grove Hospice Care (RGHC). This innovative paediatric team, (known as the Pepper Nurses), offers specialist palliative care and support to children with a life-threatening or life-limiting illness throughout the Chilterns area of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. The nurses work with families to provide individualised care and support for each child in their own home on a 24 hour, 365 days of the year, on-call basis.

RAG events

We run events throughout the year for you to get involved in such as, Volley4RAG, The Bucks Cup, Street collections and many more. Keep an eye out on this page for more information coming soon!

Stuck for ideas? Why not have a look at our NEW A-Z Fundraising Guide.