Freshers' Helpers

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Freshers’ Helpers are a team of current Bucks students, employed during the first weeks of the new academic year, to help students settle into their new environment.

Fresher’s Fortnight is our busiest time of year and to make sure things run smoothly, we employ a team of Fresher’s Helpers who are current Bucks students to help our new students settle in to their new environment.

They are fully trained, get paid and gain great job satisfaction through helping others that were in a similar position to them when they were freshers’.

Once they’re fully trained and briefed, their main job is to make all new students feel welcome and supported at Bucks. They will answer questions or refer students to where they can get further information or help. They are very good at getting students chatting and getting to know each other. They will visit halls of residence, help fresher’s socialise and show them where to go for an induction session or night out. If there are students that aren’t in the mood for a party, they will make a cup of tea and stay for a chat!

They can’t be missed with their orange uniforms and are situated all round campus during the fortnight as well has having a base outside the Gateway building at High Wycombe and in Pulse Café at Uxbridge where someone can always be found that can help. They will take students to where they need to go on campus, conduct campus tours and assist with local area orientation.

Becoming a Freshers' Helper

If you like the idea of supporting new students in the future, the Job will be advertised in the Spring term.  As the face of the Students’ Union, Freshers’ Helpers should be friendly and approachable, and actively seek out students who are not engaging in activities with their peers. Distribution of information is another  key aspect of the role – this can cover information about the University, Students’ Union and local services,  upcoming events, accommodation, advice and representation services, bus services and trips to name a few. For a full list of responsibilities, you can view the Freshers’ Helper Opportunity Profile.

To coordinate the Freshers’ Helpers, we rely on a team of more experienced students called Head Helpers. They are the main point of contact between the Freshers’ Helpers and the project coordinator within the Students’ Union. As well as everything a Freshers’ Helper should be doing, they are expected to lead by example - motivating and encouraging Freshers’ Helpers whilst on duty, delegate tasks and ensure everyone is signed in and out. For a full list of responsibilities, you can view the Freshers’ Helper Opportunity Profile.


Working as a Freshers’ Helper offers a range of benefits for both you and your CV. You will earn £8.07 an hour and have the flexibility of temporary employment - there’s no need to commit to any long term contracts. In terms of personal development, you will have the chance to; build on your interpersonal and verbal communication skills; work as part of a team as well as under your own initiative; generate new and creative ideas; broaden your cultural awareness; help your fellow students to settle into university life. Head Helpers will earn £9.19 an hour and gain supervisory experience as well. There may be opportunity for future work opportunities within the Students’ Union.

Information about applying for these positions can be found on our jobs and skills page during the spring term.