Recreational Activities

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As part of the Big Deal, we offer a broad and varied range of recreational activities. From one-off classes and taster sessions to guest speakers and demonstrations which cater for our diverse student population, at times that suit you.

What are recreational activities?

With all these activities being free, it gives you the opportunity to not only continue doing what you enjoyed back home, but to try new and exciting things you may never have considered before.

We have everything from salsa, body pump classes, one-off sessions in Thai cookery, wakeboarding, demonstrations in mixology to DJing, plus a whole lot more - there really is something for everyone.

Getting involved in lots of different activities opens up new experiences and friendship groups that you may not have found ordinarily. You can even learn transferable skills that will benefit you in your future employment, start a hobby for life, or maybe just help pass the time and give you a welcome break from your studies.

You can sign-up to an activity by checking our website and seeing what is available. If you see an activity you want to do, then book your place by booking a ticket on the individual event page. Some activities will have free tickets available on our website, so make sure you check back regularly.

If you have an ability or skill you want to share with others or would like us to put on activities you can’t find elsewhere, then get in touch and help us offer more by emailing


Current Activities