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Bucks Buddies are a group of current students that volunteer to provide discreet, peer-to-peer support via email to Bucks applicants, and those that become students.

If you are a new student at Bucks you should have had an email from a Bucks Buddy. If you haven’t, and would like support from a Buddy throughout the new term, please email buddying@bucks.ac.uk. Buddies are on hand to answer questions and help with any difficulties you may have. If they cannot help they will refer you to someone who can. 

What is a Buddy?

  • A current Bucks student who has volunteered to help and support future students at Bucks.
  • Someone who remembers how it felt when they were making decisions about which higher education establishment to choose and what it is like to be a fresher at Bucks.
  • Someone who has been carefully selected and trained regardless of sex, race, religion, lifestyle or sexuality by Bucks New University and Bucks Students' Union.
  • Students from all kinds of backgrounds who have a non-judgemental, non-discriminatory attitude and respect for confidentiality.
  • Someone who can answer questions or concerns and refer them on where necessary to appropriate departments and outside agencies for advice or further information.
  • Students who can draw on their own experiences to offer advice on the best ways to deal with situations that might arise, sharing information every student wished they had known before they arrived.
  • A friendly and reliable individual who is enjoying life at Bucks and happy to help and welcome you.

Purpose of Buddying

Buddying is a friendly, supportive project, where current Bucks students contact prospective and new students by email, providing help, advice and guidance. The service is free and run by Bucks Students' Union, in partnership with Bucks New University, who aim to make the exciting transition into the new setting of higher education as easy as possible. We approach this by preparing, supporting, reassuring and welcoming students to Bucks from the moment they apply, helping them integrate during the first few weeks and then until the beginning of the January term.

The scheme is initiated, supported and monitored by Bucks Students' Union  and Bucks New University. Please be assured that any confidential personal information you have disclosed to the Disability Service is not passed to the Buddies.

Who gets a Buddy?

If you have applied to study at Bucks, and have submitted your email address on your application form, you will be allocated a Buddy.

If you would prefer not to receive any further emails, simply email back 'opt out' and you will not be contacted again.

The role of a Buddy

Our buddies, who are specially selected and armed with all the information they need, make contact with applicants to Bucks prior to them becoming a Bucks student  and are there to answer any queries; whether it be academic orientated, about student life, accommodation and the local area, or information on what's happening around either campus.

Buddies provide peer-to-peer support to reassure concerns, clarify any information or answer a question that may be difficult to ask a member of staff.

The program is designed to provide information and support to new students preceding their arrival and during the first term at Bucks, to help them adapt and integrate to the new environment, and adjust to the culture of university life. It is thought that international and EU students find this service especially valuable and informative.

Not got a Buddy?

If you have not received a text from a Buddy but would like one, please email buddying@bucks.ac.uk - it's never too late!

How do you become a Buddy?

Recruitment for future Buddies commences at the end of the autumn term. You will need to submit an application form and have  an interview. You can see the full job description here. If we think you have the skills and qualities to make a good Buddy, you will be invited to be a Bucks Buddy. Contact the project coordinator, by emailing: buddying@bucks.ac.uk, for more information.