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Volunteering is not only doing something that benefits others but it is also a great way to get to know people, learn new things, gain experience in what interests you and get involved in something you care about.


Every year, our members volunteer their time in both the local community and within our institution itself. Students are engaged in a wide variety of projects, working with organisations such as Chiltern Rangers, Wycombe Homeless Connections and Child Bereavement.

There are many regular projects you can get involved with as well as several charity leadership positions where you can be creative and run your own projects. Students who log their hours on our volunteering portal can receive certificates through our accreditation syatem. Students who reach 100 and 250 hours will have their certificates signed by the Vice Chancellor and will have the chance to recieve a personal reference by the Volunteer Coordinator.

For more information and to get involved, contact katherine.frei@bucks.ac.uk


Get Involved


Volunteering has so many benefits including:

  • Meeting new people
  • Experiencing an industry you might consider for the future
  • Learning new skills
  • Developing existing skills
  • Networking
  • Becoming involved in something outside the realms of your degree
  • Benefits to physical and mental health
  • CV enhancement
  • Gain experience
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • + many more


We offer short-term volunteering, one-off and adhoc opportunities, long-term volunteering and placement opportunities.

We recognise and reward our volunteers with certificates of achievements for 25, 50, 100 and 250 hours completed.

These certificates can be proof for employers in your future careers.

Anyone who logs 100 community volunteer hours online will be entitled to a volutneer jacket, t-shirt or an Under Armour item from the SU office!

For more information, or to have a chat about volunteering and how we can help and support you, please email volunteering@bucks.ac.uk, or pop into the Students' Union (Ground floor, North Wing).