1. For the purposes of this agreement, the “Organisation” shall refer to Bucks Students’ Union of Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP11 2JZ, United Kingdom – a registered charity in England and Wales (charity registration number 1144820, VAT number 669 0980 87).
  2. All references to the “Customer” in this agreement refer to any company, organisation or individual who shall enter into any purchase or hire agreement with the Organisation.
  3. The Organisation reserves the right to change these conditions and any agreements will be subject to the terms and conditions at the date and time of order. Copies of the appropriate terms and conditions are available at www.bucksstudentsunion.org/bsutac.
  4. These terms and conditions are subject to English law and the jurisdiction of English Courts.


  5. The Organisation accepts payment by credit card, debit card, BACS or cash on collection/delivery.
    1. If the Customer is invoiced, payment must be received by the Organisation within 30 days from the date of the invoice or by the date of collection of hired equipment, or before the start date of training courses or events, whichever is earlier.
    2. Deposits may be taken at the discretion of the Organisation in advance of the hire of equipment and the provision or reservation of goods or services.
    3. Whether VAT is included or excluded will be confirmed at the point of purchase.
  6. Late payments will be subject to fixed charges and interest.
    1. Interest will be applied to any account not paid after 30 days from the date of invoice (or other relevant notification of charges due). The interest rate will be charged in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. For consumer debts, interest will be charged at 8% per annum.
    2. Fixed late payment charges will be applied to all commercial debt exceeding the payment terms in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations 2002. For consumer debts, a fixed fee of £40 per invoice will be charged for late payment.
  7. The Organisation does not hold any Customer’s card details on file or store Customer financial information.

    Deposits for activities
  8. The Organisation’s members benefit from free activities and skills sessions under The Big Deal. The Organisation may require a deposit from members to guarantee places.
    1. Deposits are refundable following attendance.
    2. If a member is unable to attend a session, 24 hours notice must be given to be eligible for a deposit refund
    3. To cancel a place, members must email surecactivities@bnu.ac.uk and include the transaction reference number, full name and student ID number.
    4. Failure to provide sufficient notice of non-attendance deems the deposit non-refundable.

      Contribution to activities
  9. Agreement by the Customer to make a contribution towards activities held by the Organisation will be subject to the payment terms detailed in 5-7.

    Sale of goods
  10. Payment for goods purchased by the Customer must be received at point of sale. The Organisation does not provide credit terms for the purchase of goods.
  11. The Customer may exchange goods received that are faulty or damaged.
    1. The Customer will need to return the goods to the Organisation in the condition that they were received to agree an exchange with a representative of the Organisation.
    2. Where the Organisation deems the damage is a result of misuse, accidental or deliberate damage by the Consumer the Organisation reserves the right to withhold any exchange.
  12. The Customer may choose not to keep a purchase, they can request a refund within 28 days of the purchase. Approved refunds will be processed on return of the goods and on checking the condition of the order back to the Organisation.

    Online sale of goods
  13. The online store can be accessed at www.bucksstudentsunion.org/shop and is operated by the Organisation.
  14. The Customer may only purchase products:
    1. The Customer may only purchase products:
    2. Available for sale and the details of which appear on the Organisations online store.
    3. For personal use, either by the Customer or by the intended recipient(s) of the products. The Organisation reserves the right to decline any order that it has reasonable cause to believe is for onward sale, other than through distribution channels approved by the Organisation.
  15. Details of the products available for purchase (including their price) are set out on the Organisation’s online store. The Organisation takes all reasonable care to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of products appearing on the online store are correct at the time when placed onto the store. Although every effort is made to keep the store as up-to-date as possible, the information appearing at a particular time may not always reflect the position exactly at the moment the Customer places an order.
  16. Once the Customer has selected the products to be ordered, clicking on the checkout button at the end of the checkout process is deemed to have made a binding offer for the sale of goods. The Customer’s offer at this stage is still subject to the Organisation’s acceptance.
    1. The Organisation is deemed to have accepted the Customers offer, and a corresponding contract of sale for the products ordered by the Customer is concluded, upon those products being shipped to the Customer.
  17. The Organisation may refuse or be unable to process the Customers order where:
    1. The product ordered is discontinued or no longer available.
    2. The Customer’s credit card does not give authorisation for the payment of the purchase price.
    3. The Customer does not meet the eligibility to order criteria set out above.
  18. The Customer has the right to cancel the order within seven working days of receipt of the order unless the goods have been personalised.
    1. If the Customer cancels the order, the Organisation will refund the full purchase price, including delivery charges, up to the point of dispatch. If the Customer cancels an order after it has been dispatched, delivery charges will be excluded from any refunds.
    2. Refunds are subject to the Customer returning the goods, as new, unused and unworn.
    3. On receipt of the cancelled goods the Organisation will process any refund within fourteen working days.
    4. Personalised orders are exempt from the standard returns policy and cannot be changed or cancelled after the date of purchase, except where the order is damaged or faulty. If the order is damaged or faulty then the rest of the returns policy applies. Please note that personalised orders include graduation merchandise and any sports kit.
  19. If the Customer wishes to exchange goods purchased:
    1. The Organisation will dispatch replacement items within seven days of receiving the Customer’s order back – providing the order is returned, as new, unused and unworn.
    2. Customers exchanging goods won’t be eligible for a refund of the initial delivery or the return delivery charges (the cost for returning the goods to the Organisation).
    3. The Customer may be required to pay an additional fee for postage before the replacement item(s) are dispatched.
  20. If the Customer receives damaged or faulty goods the Organisation will offer an exchange or refund the full purchase price.
    1. When processing a refund, the Customer will receive all delivery charges and return postal charges on production of a receipt or proof of purchase to the Organisation.
    2. If damaged or faulty goods are exchanged, the Organisation will dispatch replacements within seven working days of receiving the original goods back from the Customer at no cost to the Customer.
    3. If goods are exchanged, the Organisation will refund the Customer for postal charges to return damaged and faulty goods on production of a receipt or proof of purchase.
  21. If the Customer returns goods, they must be accompanied by the delivery documentation and sent to the Organisation at the registered address as detailed in 1.0.
    1. The Customer must include a list of the goods being returned.
    2. The Customer must explain why the goods have been returned.
    3. When returning goods by post please allow seven days for your parcel to reach the Organisation.
    4. The Organisation will process returned goods within seven days of receipt.
    5. Reasonable care must be taken when packaging the parcel and returning it so that goods are not damaged in transit.
    6. The Customer is advised to use a carrier that offers both traceability and appropriate insurance. The Organisation will accept no form of liability for the carriage of returned goods.
  22. The Organisation reserves the right to modify or withdraw, temporarily or permanently, the Organisation’s online store, or any part thereof, with or without notice to the Customer.

    Student parking terms and conditions (from August 2019 until further notice)
  23. Student permits must be clearly displayed on vehicle windscreens when parked.
  24. Failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions, or to verbal requests from University or Union staff (including security staff) regarding parking, will result in the permit being revoked in addition to possibly receiving a penalty charge.
  25. Student permit holders are permitted to register up to two vehicles, but will be issued with only one permit. This permit should be displayed in the car being used at all times. Failure to do so could result in a penalty charge.
  26. The cost of replacement for a new student permit is £5 which can be paid at Students’ Union reception on collection of a new permit.
  27. If a student permit holder uses another vehicle which is not registered, you must park off the premises – parking on University premises could result in a parking penalty.
  28. Student permit holders are fully responsible for notifying the University if their vehicle changes or if they no longer qualify for a student permit.
  29. Vehicles and their contents are left on University property at the owner’s risk. The University and Students’ Union takes no responsibility for the vehicle or its contents.
  30. Terms and conditions and charges will be reviewed periodically and Buckinghamshire New University and Bucks Students’ Union reserves the right to amend these and use of the car parks and to revoke parking at any time.
  31. The University contracts an external agency to manage the University car parks including deterrents and penalties issued to those vehicles parked in contravention of the rules and regulations set out below:
    1. Parked without clearly displaying a valid permit
    2. Parked outside of a designated parking bay
    3. Parked in an accessible bay without displaying a valid EU blue badge and corresponding Bucks permit.
  32. A permit holder may park in car park A only, between the hours of 5pm-8am, Monday to Friday and anytime at the weekend.
  33. On occasions when car park A is closed, you must park off the premises. It is not possible to park in one of the other car parks.
  34. If the vehicle is parked outside of the stated day or time on the permit, a parking penalty will be issued.
  35. A student permit does not guarantee that a parking space will be available. The permit merely confirms the permit holders ‘right to roam’ and park if a valid parking space is available in car park A.
  36. Student permits are not transferable and must not be used by anyone other than the holder named on the application form or by any other vehicle other than that named on the permit.
  37. Old permits should be handed in at reception.
  38. If for any reason the permit holder’s study ends before the expiry date on the permit, the permit will no longer be valid and if the person continues to use the parking facilities they could be issued with a parking penalty.
  39. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to renew their parking permit as and when it expires. Failure to show a valid, correctly dated permit on a registered car could result in a parking penalty.
  40. Permits can take up to two weeks from submission to produce. DO NOT park on site until you have received your validated permit or you could receive a parking penalty.
  41. Permits that are deliberately tampered with breach the terms and conditions of use of the parking permit and are invalid. The holder or user of such defaced permits may be subject to University disciplinary procedures and the cessation of any parking privileges.
  42. Accessible parking bays designated by a wheelchair symbol are for the use of blue badge holders only. The blue badge holder must either be a passenger or driver of the vehicle at the time of use and must display their blue badge as well as their parking permit