Understanding Deafness

Friday 07 February 2020
2pm - 5pm

Understanding Deafness

Understanding Deafness: 

Gain an insight into the world of deafness. Learn about people with varying levels of hearing loss and the different ways they communicate. Take part in interactive activities e.g. lip reading and fingerspelling.

By the end of this course you will:
• Understand all ranges of deafness (hard of hearing, deafened, deafblind and
deaf) and what communication methods there are
• Demonstrate an improved ability to use good communication tactics
• Know what assistive equipment is available.
• Be aware of professionals that help deaf people access various situations
• Know what you can do differently to improve service to deaf and hard of
hearing people.

To reserve your space we require a £5 deposit, this will be refunded to you once you have attended the session.

If you have any questions please contact surecactivities@bucks.ac.uk