Florence Nightingale Museum - COMING SOON

Saturday 31 October 2020
10am - 5pm

Florence Nightingale Museum - COMING SOON

You might think you know all there is to know about Nightingale. After all, everyone knows Florence Nightingale as the world’s most famous nurse. But were you aware she was a nurse for only a few years of her life, during the Crimean War? During her early years she had to struggle against her parents’ wishes to become a nurse, but when she came back from the war she was seriously ill. She had achieved iconic status by this time, but disliked the fame and instead used her influence behind the scenes to campaign tirelessly for better healthcare for all, despite her own ill health. As the founder of modern nursing, a leader and a trailblazer she is still an inspiration to people around the world today.

During 2020 we will be celebrating Nightingale’s bicentenary with a new exhibition, “Florence Nightingale in 200 Objects, People & Places”, demonstrating what influenced her on her own journey as an icon, leader and pioneer so visit now and be one of the first to see it!

To attend this session we require a £5 deposit that will be refunded to you once you have attended.