Life Drawing

Wednesday 03 February 2021
5pm - 7pm

Life Drawing

These drop in sessions run for 6 weeks, you do not have to have attended the first one to join in the next one! But the 6 weeks will cover the following:

In the second term we continue with warm-up practices with the model and evolve our gesture drawing skills by exploring extrapolation (human characteristics to animal or object characters) and storytelling in your drawings.

Moving camera views of the model, we'll look at doing a drawing from 6 different views to create a 360-degree record of the pose.

We'll also look at integrating composition (using framing or putting a box around your drawing) and how to integrate value scales - moving from the 2 value scale to the all 9 values. We'll also apply basic principles and elements of design applied to the storytelling arc or to single composition, and we'll do that by looking at film stills and using the model to inform our own interpretations of the image. 

Throughout the sessions, the importance of edges; soft, hard, lost and found, and contrasts like dark-light strokes or values; textures like rough to smooth, lines like thick and thin and more will be mentioned. We'll also have costume sessions to explore folds, the flow of different fabrics and how the body or the clothes informs what lines, textures or values we use.

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