This is Now: Our Climate Future

Tuesday 20 April 2021
7pm - 8pm

This is Now: Our Climate Future

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"The Paris Agreement was a landmark for humankind. In this timely and important book, two of the principal creators of that agreement show us why and how we can now realize its promise. I hope it is widely read and acted on."

— Jane Goodall, author of In the Shadow of Man

In honor of Earth Week, Kepler’s is proud to present a pre-recorded This Is Now interview with two of the globe’s leading climate policy advocates and diplomats, Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac of Global Optimism.

Together these incredibly knowledgeable, practical advocates suggest an unusual approach: stubborn optimism. In 10 concrete steps praised by readers ranging from Jane Goodall to Yuval Noah Harari and Naomi Klein, they propose actionable steps that we all can take to turn the tide on our climate future. The time is now: as Rivett-Carnac says, “the simple truth is that by 2030 we will have decided the future for the fate of this planet for at least the next several hundred years.”

But Figueres and Rivett-Carnac insist that this pending deadline can and should be a source of hope, not despair. Climate change presents a unique opportunity to ride out ahead of the disaster and build a shared sense of purpose— creating a better future for humankind from this, one of the biggest transitions in all human history.

Answer the call of the planet at Kepler’s on Tuesday, April 20th, as we present this fascinating discussion. With the right tools and stubborn optimism, every single one of us can have an impact on our shared climate future.

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