Bucks Xtra - Amazon (AWS) Start-ups: How Can We Help You

Tuesday 22 June 2021
Online, Teams
noon - 12:30pm

Bucks Xtra - Amazon (AWS) Start-ups: How Can We Help You

What is AWS?
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of the global online retail giant Amazon. AWS provides on-demand cloud computing services to individuals, companies and governments on a metered Pay-As-Go basis. AWS offers over 175 services that start-ups can use to build their businesses faster at a lower cost.  

How can we help?
Our goal is to support start-ups using AWS to become winners. This event is focused on how AWS products and services can help you launch and grow your business.

Why You Should Attend?
This exciting event welcomes students and recent BNU alumni, both early stage entrepreneurs as well as aspiring to start their own business entrepreneurs who are interested in learning about how to grow their businesses or ideas through technical and business guidance from a global leader in business.

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