Black Students Talk: Identity

Wednesday 23 June 2021
Online, zoom
5pm - 7pm

Black Students Talk: Identity

Our identity plays a huge role in our lives at university. We need to have a space to talk about any thoughts, feelings and issues we have about our personal and shared identities, with people who get it.

To know ourselves and where we fit in at university is important for our success.

Join us for Black Students Talk: Identity to talk about it and learn ways to cope and thrive with each other.

The workshops are led by trained facilitators, and the discussions are confidential. At the beginning of the session, the group agree on a confidentiality and safety agreement, which covers issues such as anonymity, confidentiality and disclosure.

Please note: this event is for Black (African, Caribbean, mixed with Black heritage, African diaspora) university students ONLY. Please use your university email when registering or you may not be granted access to the session. You will be sent a reminder for the event and a unique code to access the session the day before and on the day of the session - if you haven't received an email in your inbox, please check your junk mail or spam.

Please only sign up to session A or B.

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