Bucks SU Celebrates Black Culture

In 2013, Vinna Best recognised the need to organise in-person events focused on empowering women and girls with curly / afro hair.

In 2007, Vinna shaved off her chemically straightened hair and allowed her afro hair to grow back. However, she faced several challenges at the time, including a lack of:

• afro hair care education and styling techniques.
• afro hair products with healthy ingredients.

Vinna attended mainstream beauty events but was disappointed by the lack of diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, she attended Black beauty events, but was disappointed by the lack of representation of afro hair.

 Consequently, Vinna Best launched the first series of afro hair events nationwide in 2013. Over the past nine years, the festival has attracted both national and international visitors.

CURLYTREATS Festival aims include to help visitors:

• learn how to care for and style afro hair,
• be confident wearing afro hair with pride,
• teach children and parents that afro hair is beautiful,
• get direct access to afro hair products and services


More Info at https://curlytreats.co.uk/ 


Transport is provided for this event!!