Need to learn how to use Microsoft Word? We have the course for you!!

This free online Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019 course provides an easy-to-understand and detailed guide to maximizing the potential of this word processing application. Learn how to use Microsoft Word 2019, work with a vast array of tools on your document and format characters and paragraphs like a pro. These skills are highly valuable and marketable in today's market, so start this course and improve your career skills today!

You gain a free certificate at the end of the course!!

What you will learn:

  • Identify the various elements on the Word 2019 screen
  • Describe the different types of views on Word 2019
  • Analyze the components of the backstage view of Word 2019
  • Describe how to use non-printing characters and line spacing on Word 2019
  • Indicate ways of saving a document on Word 2019
  • Identify various AutoCorrect options in Word 2019
  • Indicate ways of formatting characters in a document on Word 2019
  • Describe the alignment options on Word 2019
  • Identify the various types of indents on Word 2019
  • Outline the major tab options in Word 2019


When you get the ticket, the link to the course will be in your receipt email.

If you have any questions, please email: sutraining@bucks.ac.uk