Learn how to help people make better choices to prevent drug and alcohol misuse in this free online wellness course.

Are you concerned about the impact of drugs and alcohol on your life or those of your loved ones? Effective drug awareness campaigns promote responsible drug use and reduce the likelihood of misuse. This wellness course examines drug classifications and the health effects and social implications of various substances. We explain how to raise drug and alcohol awareness to combat their misuse and discuss how to prevent and treat addiction.

  • Classify drugs by source, legal status and effect on the central nervous system
  • Describe how addiction starts and the role of the brain in addiction
  • Recall the myths and misconceptions regarding the use of drugs and alcohol
  • Define ‘drugs’
  • Discuss the historical context of drugs and their use in the modern era
  • Recognise the short- and long-term effects of drugs and alcohol on the body and mind

This course is an online course that you can do at your own leisure. The link to the course will be in your ticket reciept. 

Any questions please email: sutraining@bucks.ac.uk