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Role: Freshers’ Helper (High Wycombe and Uxbridge based opportunities)

This opportunity profile is designed to give you an idea of what your position with the organisation will involve. It highlights the commitments, skills and benefits you can expect taking up that role.


Period of Work:

Welcome weeks across the year and adjacent weeks as appropriate 

There may be opportunities to work beyond the scope of the Welcome periods in other areas of the Union.


Important dates: Training for High Wycombe Freshers Helpers- Friday 22nd September 

HW students - Please check you can commit to the training before you submit an application. Attendance at this training event is an essential requirement for the job for the High Wycombe Team.



  • Hourly pay at £12.22 (including annual leave allowance) - THE REAL LIVING WAGE 
  • Generating new/creative ideas
  • Temporary employment - no need to commit long term
  • Building interpersonal Skills
  • Building verbal communication skills
  • Working as part of a team
  • Opportunity to work on own initiative 
  • Opportunity to problem solve
  • Experience in working in a pastoral role
  • Can broaden cultural awareness
  • Citizenship – sense of making a difference to individuals, carrying out a worthy role and satisfaction in helping create a great student community amongst the new students
  • Helping fellow students settle into University life, i.e. being away from home for the first time and introduction to the Higher Education regimen and routines and practices
  • Opportunity for development into other student roles within the Union


Duties and responsibilities – Freshers’ Helper:

  • To attend all relevant training and information briefings.
  • To welcome and support new students in a friendly and approachable manner.
  • To actively seek out students who are not engaging in activities or with their peers.
  • To distribute information about the University, Students’ Union, and local services e.g.  events, accommodation, advice and representation, bus services, trips, school and course news, etc.
  • To distribute publicity information.
  • To promote services and activities of the University and Students’ Union e.g., union bar and entertainments, development, activities, volunteering, sports, and societies.
  • To explain how the Students’ Union works and encourage new students to get involved.
  • To help to organise and/or go on Students’ Union trips with Freshers.
  • To assist at Freshers fair.
  • To be able to refer students to sources of information and advice.
  • To respond appropriately to the needs of new students.
  • To encourage students to engage in local community activities.
  • To signpost students to locations and services.
  • To act as an ambassador for Buckinghamshire New University and Bucks Students’ Union.
  • To provide a reassuring presence for students and their parents.
  • To create an environment of inclusivity e.g. for non-traditional entrants.
  • To be respectful of diversity and target information and activities accordingly.
  • To promote equal opportunities.
  • Environmental sustainability is important to us therefore all staff and volunteers are expected to go about their roles in a resource efficient manner, in keeping with our environmental policies.


Standards required

  • The post holder will need to act in a polite, friendly and helpful manner.
  • The post holder will present themselves for work on their designated shift clean and tidy, wearing the stipulated uniform which will be clean and ironed.
  • The post holder will display the highest standards of integrity and honesty at all times.
  • The post holder will observe high standards of punctuality.
  • The post holder will not consume alcohol or intoxicating substances whilst on duty, or arrive on duty under the influence of either.
  • The post holder will be aware and respectful of equal opportunities and sensitive to diversity.
  • Then post holder will not smoke on duty whilst wearing uniform.
  • The post holder will exhibit a respect of ethical and environmental issues and solutions in a workplace environment


Time commitment:

Casual Hours as required

Hours will be allocated with as much notice as possible, but this will be governed by the nature and timely requested tasks for Freshers Helpers by University and Students Union staff, as well as the Project Coordinator receiving accurate information of Freshers’ Helpers availability in a timely manner.


Qualification requirements:

A current student at Buckinghamshire New University



University Campuses, Halls of Residence, local vicinity and other (in case of trips, off site activities)


For further information contact:

Katie Smith, Project Coordinator, 07899 875 407


To apply:

Complete the applcation form here