Resounding Varsity win for Bucks

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Sports teams from Bucks New University have won the annual Varsity match against students at the University of Roehampton by 15 points to nine.

A total of 21 Bucks teams took on their counterparts across 10 sports with overall wins in men’s and women’s badminton and basketball; women’s rowing; men’s volleyball and rugby and in the men’s, women’s and mixed swimming fixtures. There were draws for Bucks in the men’s and women’s hockey and the men’s tennis.

Ohio Orumen, Vice President Student Involvement at Bucks Students’ Union, who played in the winning rugby game, said: “It was a great day and I’m very proud of the students who worked so hard to bring a win to Bucks. Their commitment is testament to the pride they demonstrate each week when they pull on a Bucks jersey. I’d also like to thank the Students’ Union Students’ Activities team and all the volunteers who worked so hard to make the event such a tremendous success. We’re already looking forward to Varsity 2017.”

The first official Varsity match between the universities took place in 2013.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rebecca Bunting said: "Although we’ve come close in the past I was delighted to see Bucks New University win by such a significant margin. It was a terrific day which was well supported by staff and students from both universities who helped to create a fantastic atmosphere.”

The Sam Woods shield for best individual male performance was won by Daniel Alberts from Bucks and Millie Bilcliff from Roehampton was awarded the Natalie Tucker shield for best female performance.



Badminton women’s: Bucks 8-0 Roehampton
Badminton men’s: Bucks 5-3 Roehampton

Volleyball women’s: game voided due to injury (0.5 point each)
Volleyball men’s: Bucks 2-0 Roehampton (best of three sets)

Basketball women’s: Bucks 66-36 Roehampton
Basketball men’s: Bucks 81-53 Roehampton

Football men’s 5’s: Bucks 3-3 Roehampton
Football men’s 4’s: Bucks 3-0 Roehampton
Football men’s 3’s:  Bucks 4-0 Roehampton
Football men’s 2’s: Bucks 2-1 Roehampton
Football men’s 1’s: Bucks 2-3 Roehampton
Football women’s: Bucks 2-4 Roehampton

Tennis women’s: Bucks 2-10 Roehampton
Tennis men’s: Bucks 6-6 Roehampton

Bucks 24-21 Roehampton

Hockey women’s: Bucks 1-1 Roehampton
Hockey men’s: Bucks 3-3 Roehampton

Swimming men’s: Bucks 1-0 Roehampton
Swimming women’s: Bucks 1-0 Roehampton
Swimming mixed: Bucks 1-0 Roehampton

Rowing men’s: Bucks 0-1 Roehampton
Rowing women’s: Bucks 1-0 Roehampton

Netball 2’s: Bucks 16-46 Roehampton
Netball 1’s: Bucks 36-36 Roehampton


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