5 reasons you should use a reusable cup

Takeaway coffee cups aren't the most environmentally friendly drinking companions, but a reusable coffee cup might just be better buddy. So, we thought we'd give you five reason to make the swap and ditch the disposables for good.

1. It’s a small step to saving the world

Think how many coffees you get a week, a month, a year? Now imagine how many single use cups you could save from landfill by swapping to a reusable coffee cup. Our reusable Bucks mugs are made from 100% recycled plastic, making them more sustainable than ever before.

2. Save your pennies on campus

If you use your reusable coffee cup at any of our cafes, you'll save up to 20p on your hot drinks.

3. Save your pennies out and about

When you're out changing the world and grabbing your coffee to go, you can save 20p at Starbucks, 50p at Pret A Manger, and double the stamps at Nero and Costa. 

4. You’ll look really cool

Nothing screams ‘got my act together’ more than rocking up with a reusable coffee cup. We know you're going to breeze through the day.

5. You’ll make a change

You might not believe it, but you'll be leading the way in sustainable change wherever you go. 

So, if you're ready to make the swap over to a reusable mug, then head up to any of our campus cafes and grab your Bucks mug today. Bucks mugs are £5.00, and you'll also receive a free hot drink with your purchase.