A Winning Wednesday

This Wednesday our Bucks sports teams went off to compete in the cup rounds with five of our teams competing.

Men’s Football kicked off the day, literally. The Bucks FC 1st team played away to the Essex 3rd team and brought home a fantastic 5-3 win! The Bucks FC 2nd team were in the comfort of home facilities again, beating King’s College (GKT) 5th team a comfortable 4-0. This means both teams progress into the third round of the cup.

Our Men’s Basketball team played in the second round of the cup going against a higher division team from Kings College. At half time the boys were down 28-30 but they didn’t give up. The team kept going to the very last minute pulling out an unbelievable 56-53 win.

Men’s Hockey called up some of our Rugby boys for support this week, they had an unfortunate 3-2 loss against Brunel but it’s great to see Rugby picking up another sport and enjoying it.

Netball 1st team faced Portsmouth 6th team in their first round of the cup and the girls absolutely smashed their game ending 54-10.

The only non-cup game we had last week was from our Men’s Futsal team – they played Kings College Men’s 1’s at home, the boys were able to use their experience beating Kings College 8-1.

Special shout-out to all of those voted Player of the Match

Abbie Watson
Roberto Marini
Nico Tissera
Ross Groves
Osei Hayford
Marinus Mack