A safe Ramadan

Ramadan is the Holiest month in the Islamic calendar, and we’d like to say Ramadan Mubarak to all our celebrating students and staff! 

Whilst life is slowly returning to ‘normal’ we want to make sure you can enjoy a happy and safe Ramadan. It’s a difficult time to not be allowed to celebrate in person with your family and friends but that doesn’t mean you should be cut off from them. 

Mosques are re-opening for Ramadan prayers, and even though COVID restrictions are still in place, it means that you can attend Mosque for prayer and be involved in your local community.  

You can also host virtual Iftars with your friends and loved ones who can’t be with you in person and break your fasts together.  

Other things you can do to make sure you have a #SafeRamadan include: 

  • Planning your food shops ahead of time so that you don’t have to make multiple trips to the shops (Don’t forget to add dates to your shopping list!) 
  • Drink plenty of water before so you can stay hydrated throughout long days of work or study. 
  • Let people know you’re fasting. Whether it’s your lecturer or your employer, let them know that you’re observing Ramadan and that you may be more tired and may need to take breaks to observe your prayers on time.  


Don’t forget to take care of your mental health too. Whilst you might be away from friends and family, feeling tired, or even slightly dehydrated, it’s important that you take the time to look after your mental health. Keep in touch with friends virtually and don’t overwork yourselves. Ramadan is a time for worship and joy and whilst it can boost your spiritual health, it’s important that it doesn’t negatively affect your mental health.  

If you do need to reach out to someone, you can message our Advice Centre, suadvice@bucks.ac.uk or the Muslim Youth Helpline https://myh.org.uk/. We also have a mental health resources page you can visit, here. 

If you are on campus during the day and wish to offer prayers, ‘The Sanctuary’ on either campus is available to everyone in the university community, but please be aware that all Covid security measures and social distancing must still be observed. You can find out more by contacting the Multifaith Chaplaincy 

The Multifaith Chaplaincy have also shared a Ramadan Planner with us for you with daily prayers, a Qur’an Tracker and a deed of the day. You can download it here.

As we are returning to ‘normal’ and are being invited to receive our COVID Vaccinations, you should remember that The Muslim Council for Britain has said, “receiving a vaccine will not invalidate your fast” and you should go to receive it if you have been asked.