A special shout out

On behalf of a group of first year Mental Health Nursing students, we would like to take a moment to celebrate Mike Anjoyeb and the module team, notably Marie Newman and Lisa Oluyinka.

Mike is described by his students as a fantastic tutor, continuously going the extra mile, and students always look forward to his classes. These students would like to recognise Mike’s hard work and say a huge thank you for everything he has done for them.

Some words from Group M:

“Mike and the team (Marie and Lisa) are fantastic, they are truly passionate about the subject, ensuring we are learning and enjoying the lessons. During the Pandemic, we have mostly had online lectures, but Mike, Marie and Lisa have managed to make them interactive, memorable, and informative. We always look forward to their lessons, I am so grateful to them for their hard-work.” - Jody, Student Rep for Group M.

“I consider myself lucky to have Mr Mike as a tutor, he has a remarkable ability to involve you during his lessons, transmitting passion and dedication.” - Debora 

“I see Mike as a teacher that understands his pupils, very dedicated and always ready to help. We appreciate Mike and his team, Lisa and Marie, who work tirelessly to make sure that we succeed. Thank you so much.” - Joshua


“Mike, Lisa, and Marie are assertive but respectful to us at the same time. They are our tutors as we know but the atmosphere in which we are taught is like family, strict when they have to be, but compassionate at the same time.” - Leonard 

“Profound appreciation to Mike, Marie, Lisa and the other tutors for their unflinching support to enable us to get our bearing and focus, particularly in the middle of a lot during this historic period. Many thanks!” - Paul 

“Mike is not just a lecturer but like a father figure, he cares, listens, and understands in order to support you in the best possible way. Mike, Lisa & Marie go out of their way to make the journey less intense and terrifying. For this, they are highly favoured and appreciated. Thank you for everything.” - Jasmine 

“Mike is like a father to us. Himself, Marie, and Lisa are a perfect team. They are excellent lecturers, patient, tolerant and ensuring we understand the lectures.” - Jane 

“Mike and his team are quite engaging and effective with their style of teaching. I also believe that they understand exactly how difficult it is for adults to study at our level.”  - Martha 

“I say big thanks to Mike, Lisa and Marie for being such great teachers. I'll always remember them with the deepest respect and affection for their efforts in making each lesson enjoyable and educational. Their inspiring lessons gave my life direction. I thank them for being the best teachers a student could ever hope for. May Almighty God increase their knowledge and wisdom with good health in Jesus Christ name Amen.” - Kazeem


“Mike and his team (Marie and Lisa) have been the absolute best since the start of this career journey. I couldn't have wished for better tutors. This is to say thank you so much for all your hard work and care, keep up the good work you all.” - Peace 


Some words from Group N: 

“It takes patience, endurance and talent to be a great Lecturer, but Mike and his team make it look so easy day after day. They make us feel confident about ourselves by just having confidence in us. I am proud to be your student.” - Jephter, Student Rep for Group N.

“Words of mouth is not enough to describe how wonderful Mike, Lisa and Marie are. They are extremely beautiful souls. They have the love of their student at heart. Most especially Mike, a down to heart teacher who instils great value and confidence in his students. His teaching is extraordinary, clear, and simple to understand, and this has made life easy. Above all, I see in him a father who aspire for his children to flourish. May God continue to strengthen him and cause all his endeavours to prosper.” - Remilekun

“I wish you guys should be my tutor in all the subjects, you guys make me feel well come in Bucks. Adult learning is difficult, but you guys really make me want to study and get a good grade. I love you guys, Mike, Lisa and Marie.” - Kehinde

“Mike has gone far and beyond his remit, he has helped boost our confidence on the course. I would like to say thank you for the hard work and support you have provided.” - Tobi

“It would be hard to find another teacher as committed and enthusiastic as Mike! He has been an inspiration and has made the nursing job seem simple and one of the most desirable professions anyone could hope to work in. I wish he could be given at least a decade more of strength to still work and get a few more students generations ready to love nursing and to enjoy his teaching.” - Marina 

“Mike's class is always interesting, and we have never had a boring session. He makes sure that the way he teaches is two-way, not just teacher talks and students listen. He encourages interaction and participation which I think is the best and most effective way to learn. One of the best lecturers I have come across.” - Sheen

“I can’t think of anyone in any of our classes who doesn’t love Mike and appreciate all of his hard work, he is extremely dedicated to our class and our success.” - Louis