A wet Wednesday


Who doesn’t love a Wednesday… well apparently the weather doesn’t! Unfortunately we had several games called off and rearranged due to flooded pitches, however, with six of our teams still playing, we were hopeful for some wins.

Our Men's Football 1st, 2nd and 4th teams took the pitch this week. The 1st team travelled to Hertfordshire to play their 2nd team and in their words “off we came, back with a win!" It wasn't just any win but a 5-0 win to be exact. Our Bucks FC 2nd team had a tough match at home with a full-time score of 1-1 and the 4thteam also played at home, but unfortunately suffered an 8-2 loss.

Men’s Hockey were at home against Kings College (GKT). Unfortunately, losses have been the teams trend for a few years now but, I am delighted to be the one to announce their 3-2 win! We are so so proud of this team, they have really turned things around and lwe can't wait to see if some more wins are in store for the team.

Women’s Hockey went away for this week’s game to RVC. This week the women’s team had to pull a team together from all the other clubs, including cheer and dance, with some of the girls never playing hockey in their life. However, this pick-and-mix of players turned out to be very talented, coming home with a 4-2 win.

Netball’s 1st team played away to Kent this week. Unfortunately, their captain was unable to play and passed the reigns to Sophie Sobo. This change of captaincy didn’t phase the girls one bit and they came back with a 42-39 win. We also want to congratulate the team on being top of their league after four consecutive wins.

Our Men’s Volleyball team played away to Canterbury CC. Unfortunately, they lost 3-0 but we're sure their next game will be a victory. 

We’d also like to shout out all of the Players of the Matche that were recognised by their Captains for excelling during their game: Ashley Smith, Ethan Hutcheson, Renne Reynolds, Richard Sho-Silva and Sophie Sobo.

Each week your Student Activities team chose a Player of the Day from those Players of the Match and Team of the Week – this week our Player of the Day is Renne Reynolds who is normally being thrown up in the air by our Cheer Squad, but this week she took the hockey pitch helping to secure their win. Our Team of the Week is without a doubt Men’s Hockey, this week’s win really deserves some recognition. 

Congratulations to all of our teams and if you'd like to join in, you can sign up at any point in the year, for free. So check out all of our clubs and see what you'd like to get involved in.