All about Charlotte

As a student at BNU, I studied Hair and Makeup for Film and Performance, an accelerated degree that was full on, but it didn’t stop me from getting involved with the Union. Being a Fresher during the height of COVID was a strange experience to say the least, but I was blown away by the opportunities ‘The Big Deal’ offered for free and enjoyed bragging to my friends in other universities about how all our activities were free of charge. From wine and cheese nights to water sports trips, I loved getting involved wherever I could.

In my first year I joined the Boxing Society, became Student Rep for my course, and became a Senior Resident at Brook Street, which is where my passion for helping my fellow students started. In my second year I became School Officer for Art, Design and Performance and Chair of the Boxing Society, where I was able to plan and host the Union’s first ‘Fight Night’ in The Venue, which was a charity event with both boxing matches and performances from students across several societies.

It was fantastic being able to connect with so many students from different walks of life, who I maybe wouldn’t have met otherwise, learning about their stories, cultures, and upbringings which I found incredibly inspirational. Being involved with the Students’ Union really kept me going during such a difficult time with the pandemic, increased workloads and my mental health. The Students’ Union provided a safe space and much needed distraction from deadlines with fun activities as well as their commitment to the welfare of students, so I thought it was time I gave back, and help as many students as I can.

Which is why I decided to run for President, as I discovered I had a passion for connecting with people and supporting and improving their experience, passions, and goals. It’s an exciting year ahead and I really can’t wait to get started and meet you all.

- Charlotte Leighton-Woods, Students' Union President 2022-23